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Welcome to our "Little Bit of Heaven".

In the summer of 1969 my father-in-law, Louiro Martel, bought a camp on Holland Pond . We started going to Holland Pond in 1970 to his camp. From the very first time I went there it has been my favorite place in the world to be. We decided it was such a special place we wanted to have our own place up there. In 1973 we bought our own land and got it cleared so we could build our own in camp in 1974. We actually built most of the camp with the wood we cleared off the land.

It has been a very big part of ours and our children's lives. It doesn't stop there, now it is a very special place for our grandchildren and great grandchildren. It is so beautiful and peaceful there. I enjoy seeing all the wildflowers that are around up there, all the different species of birds, we have even been blessed with being able to see bald eagles start raising their families up there every year. We have also been blessed with being able to see plenty of wildlife, including deer, moose, and bear in the wild. My favorite of all is the loons. I could sit and listen to them all day it is such a lovely sound, and it is such a treat to sit and watch them.

We are Bob Martel and Donna Martel. We have six beautiful daughters. Monica, Joan, Mickey, Paula, Suzanne and Sally. They have blessed us with 28 beautiful grandchildren. The grandchildren are now blessing us with several great grandchildren.

In September of 2001 our family had grown so much we had out grown our camp. We had a very sad weekend and took down our camp. Through the winter we had people go in and frame up a bigger camp. In the late winter and early spring we started working on the inside spending a lot of time up there working getting in the windows and doors and working on making the rooms, putting in the bathroom, and getting as much done as we could before the July 4th annual Wingding when everyone is at camp. We were successful in getting most of the work done including the inside painting, so the new camp was well on the way to be being finished before everyone was there for the Wingding.

The July 4th weekend of 2002 was a very busy weekend. We had the Wingding, and also decided to have a Christmas in July to celebrate the new camp and the beginning of more wonderful memories. We got a tree, set it up, every one either made or brought an ornament to decorate the tree, and everyone had brought a gift for the new camp. We now have all the ornaments hanging on the wall.

In loving memory of my Brother
In loving memory of our Grandson

All the wealth of the world
Could not buy you a friend
Nor pay for the loss of one!