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Welcome to our "Little Bit of Heaven".

"Little Bit of Heaven" is a very special and important place for our family. Who are we?

My name is Donna, I grew up in Southern NH, and now reside in the Burlington VT area.
I have six beautiful daughter's. Monica and her husband Joe and they have five children. Joan, she has six children. Mickey and her husband Rick and they have seven children. Paula and her husband Jeff, they have four boys, including a set of twins that are now five years old. Double the fun. Suzanne and her husband Jerry who have four children. Sally and her husband Shawn who have two daughters.
I feel I have been very blessed with all our wonderful children, over 30 grandchildren and 7 great grandchildren, the youngest one born just a month ago.
They have all been successful in their own places in life.
I enjoy spending all the time I can with my family. In the summer I look forward to and really enjoy every second I can spend at our camp. I also enjoy working outside in my flower gardens, and when I have had my younger grand children helping me it is even more fun and enjoyable. Some of the other things I also enjoy are reading, sewing, knitting and crocheting, and have recently taken up beading, and I am having a lot of fun with that.
I have two Mini Schnauzer's and a German Shepherd the little ones are 4 years old now and the Shepherd is 1 1/2 years old, so I have lots of fun with them, and they are wonderful company. Their names are Zipper, Sophie and Shasta. I have made a page special for them as well as their friends, so if you would like to meet them you can do that by going to the Pets page. (When I get it done.)
We started going to Holland Pond in 1970 to my father-in-law's camp. In 1973 we bought our own land and built our own camp.
It has been a very big part of our, as well as our children's and grand children's life ever since. It is so beautiful and peaceful there. We all enjoy seeing all the wildflowers that are around up there, all the different species of birds, we have even been blessed with being able to see a bald eagle up there the last couple of years, and this year two of them have been spotted up there. We have also seen plenty of deer, moose, and bear in the wild. My favorite of all is the loons. I could sit and listen to them all day it is such a lovely sound, and it is such a treat to sit and watch them.