Willa, Missy and Kylee welcome you to their special spot on the web.

Willa is a black and tan German Shepherd. Missy is a black Persian. Kylee is a black and tan King Charles Cavalier Spaniel.



Willa was born on November 3rd, 1998.
Her parents are Heidelberg's Jacque V Elsab, and Heidelberg's Rosie Odessaq.
For more information and pictures of Willa's parents you can go to
Heidelberg Kennel.

Willa's full name is Heidelberg's Willa Rosieq. She came from Texas to live with us on
February 26th 1999.


Missy was born on May 3rd, 1998.
Her parents are Mr. Wicket Good, and Goods Pandora.
Missy's full name is Miss Priss. She came from Maine to live with us in August of 1998.




Kylee is two years old, and she came to live with us on May 11, 2003. She spent her life until May 6, 2003 living in a basement. On May 6th, a very wonderful person found out about it, and rescued her, along with two other Cavalier's, and found homes for them where they would be loved and cared for.




Willa and Kylee have become really good friends. Missy is just starting to come around and show a little interest in Kylee. Up until recently she has hissed at her and wouldn't let Kylee any where near her. Now she has started coming around so they can be in the same room together, and she has even got close enough so they can touch noses now. Both dogs have to beware though, because if Missy isn't in the right mood she will hiss and cuff at them, but they will still be her friend when she wants them to be. But they both understand that she rules!

I have a very funny story about Willa and Missy before Kylee came to live with us, that tells what very best friends that they are. Every night at bedtime Willa goes into her crate and has a treat and Missy has a treat on our bed. One night we are all ready for bed and Missy was missing. Willa goes in the crate and I continue to look for Missy, but I can't find her anywhere. After searching all the closets, under all the beds, I finally give up and figure she will come get her treat when she is ready.

At four in the morning I woke up to Missy crying, I go on another search, and much to my surprise, when I find her she is in the crate with Willa, but now has to go potty and needs to get out.

I have to think they are smart enough to have been very calm and quiet when Willa went in her crate so Dad and Mom wouldn't know they were in there together, that they somehow knew they wouldn't be allowed to stay in the same crate if we knew. I don't
know how they did it without Missy getting hurt, she is very small, I don't believe she even weighs 10 pounds, and Willa is 95 pounds. How they slept in there the whole night without Willa getting on Missy and hurting her is something I will never figure out, but, much to their dismay, we check the crate every night now to make sure she isn't in there.