Mom's brag book for
Willa, Kylee and Missy.


Willa playing with her stuffed kitty because Missy won't play with her right now.
Kylee just showing she can be the queen and sit on the table if she wants.
Missy just trying to decide if she can be happy at camp.
Willa relaxing at camp.
Kylee taking over Dad's computer chair.
Missy hiding in a box, peeking out when she doesn't think any one will be looking.
Willa outside checking out the flowers.
Kylee trying to figure out a way she can take over Dad's computer.
Missy trying to decide if she wants to join in the play or just keep everyone away from her and watch.
Willa, sick of waiting for me to get her a treat, decided she would just get her own.
Kylee enjoying chewing on a stick at camp. She has decided she really loves camp.
I have to deal with either Willa taking all the clothes out of the baskets, or Missy not letting me take them out.
Willa celebrating her birthday.
Kylee, her first time on a boat. Guess she decided she loved it, when we got back in she wouldn't get off the boat.