We are Bob and Donna, from Vermont.
Bob works as Maintenance Supervisor for the local town schools. There are five schools in all, and that keeps him very busy. He enjoys hunting and fishing, taking long walks in the woods, and over the last couple of years has found he also has interest in the computer, especially playing cribbage on line.

I do Web Design . If you are interested in having a site built for you or for your business you can visit my business site at Distinctive Webs. I enjoy working on my computer, there is so much to learn and do with them. I also enjoy reading, working in my flower gardens, and spending time with Willa, our German Shepherd, and Missy our Persian Kitty. Make sure to check out our Pets page to meet them.

We have raised six beautiful daughters, who all have families of their own now, and between them they have given us 24 beautiful grandchildren and five great grandchildren.

We very much enjoy any time that we can spend with our children and grandchildren, and cherish the July 4th weekend every year when we are all together in one place.
Monica is the oldest and she lives in New York with her family. Joan is real close by, living in New Hampshire with her family. Mickey is in Indiana with her family. Paula, Suzanne and Sally are all living in Vermont, about two hours away, with their families.



In loving memory of my Brother

All the wealth of the world
Could not buy you a friend
Nor pay for the loss of one!