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holland pond, vermont

little bit of heaven, holland pond, Vermont, VT


We started coming to Holland Pond back in 1970. It has been a very big part of our lives ever since.
In 1970 when we first started coming up we used my father in-laws camp. Then in fall of 1973 we bought our own land and put a camp up on it in 1974, finishing it in 1975.
On Labor Day weekend 2001 we tore down the old camp and in 2002 built a new one to better meet the needs of our growing family
It is the most peaceful, relaxing place in the world to be. We also enjoy seeing all of the wildlife we get to see up here. There is all kinds of different birds that we don't see at home, every once in a while we can hear a bear or wolves off in the distance, ducks and geese come right up to the dock so the little ones can feed them. Our favorite is the Loon. They can be seen and heard many times through out the day and evening. Their call is such a beautiful thing to listen to. We also enjoy walking in the woods and seeing all the beautiful wildflowers. The last few years we have even had a bald eagle up there, and this year we were blessed with two of them being up there.

little bit of heaven

The most precious of my memories is all of our children and grandchildren make it a point to be at camp every summer for the fourth of July. I often wonder if we didn't have this very special place if we would ever see all of our children and their families all at the same time. Maybe we would, but I like to think that it is our "Little Bit of Heaven" that makes it happen.
The family went through a big change in 2004 so things are a little different now. But nothing can change the joy and happiness of watching the grandchildren do all their exploring, finding the biggest frog around, catching all kinds of bugs, minnows, pollywogs. And their amazement that some of the pollywogs even have legs.

The joy of being there and seeing the excitement as each child has caught their first fish.
This summer one of my granddaughters has had a great time fishing and catching branches, grass, and anything else she can drag in. This year she got her first fish, but instead of being excited about her first fish, she was upset because she couldn't get it off the hook and it was wasting her time catching the things she could get off her hook. I guess we all have our own idea's about what makes us happy and excited.

In 1979 my Mother-in-law was at camp and drew this picture, and that is how our "Little Bit of Heaven" got it's name. It just really fit the way we all felt about this very special place.

little bit of heaven, northen vermont, holland pond

This is just a little of the background about how our "Little Bit of Heaven" came to be what it means to us today.